It is safe to breast feed in Pregnancy?

breast feed in Pregnancy

Many women decide to breastfeed throughout pregnancy while others decide to wean (introducing an infant to adult diet while withdrawing the supply of mother’s milk).

Is it safe to breast feed while pregnant??

  • It is perfectly safe to breast feed during pregnancy.
  • While your unborn child receives all the nutrients they require, your body will continue to produce enough milk to nourish your older child.

NOTE: Seek advice from your doctor or midwife if you are at a risk of pre-term labour for example; if you have had a miscarriage or pre-term birth in the past or if you are expecting twins or more

Milk supply or Colostrum:

  • Women who breastfeed while pregnant often produce less milk as their pregnancy progresses.
  • The content and flavor of your milk will also change as you start producing colostrum (first form of milk produced by breasts).
  • If your breast feeding baby is less than 1 year of age, watch his weight gain to make sure he is getting enough to eat.
  • These changes might lead some older toddlers to wean themselves or to nurse less often during your pregnancy.

How to look after yourself:

Breast feeding during pregnancy makes you even more tired and you may experience worse morning sickness than you normally would during pregnancy.

Give attention to your child’s position while breast feeding during pregnancy as it may cause your nipples to become sore and tender.

Look after yourself by:

  • Eating well
  • Keeping yourself hydrated
  • Getting plenty of rest

After the baby is born/ Tandem Feeding:

You can keep feeding your older child after the baby is born. It is known as Tandem Feeding.

You don’t have to limit your older child’s feed, your newborn will still get all the colostrum they need.

Weaning your older child:

  • You can introduce your older child to weaning while you are pregnant.
  • Try weaning them slowly by delaying feeds or encouraging shorter feeds.

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