Sensory changes in pregnancy (taste, smell, touch, hear and sight)

Pregnancy brings a variety of changes to the body which can be hormonal as well as physiological.
You may also experience a shift in your 5 senses.
Foods you used to love may taste bad, certain smells get smellier, which is due to hormone estrogen.


Following are some of the common changes in your senses that you may experience;

Sense of Taste During Pregnancy :


It is quite common to experience a change in sense of taste, also known as Dysgeusia.

It usually happens throughout your first trimester and is characterized by metallic taste in your mouth.

Enjoy fresh citrus fruits or lemonade, pickles or chew sugar-free gum to overcome dysgeusia


Sense of Smell

During Pregnancy:

  • Heightened or increased sense of smell is very common during pregnancy and is also known as Hyperosmia.
  • Surround yourself with subtle scents and stay away from foods that may trigger your nausea.



Sense of Sight

During Pregnancy:



  • During pregnancy, your vision may have gotten a little more blurry which is temporary.
  • Contact your healthcare provider if you had diabetes before pregnancy or acquired gestational diabetes during pregnancy because of the damage diabetes may cause to your vision.

 Sense of Touch

During Pregnancy:

  • Your body become more sensitive to touch, particularly your breasts.
  • Having sore breasts is quite common when you are pregnant, which can be due to various reasons including an increase in hormone estrogen and progesterone and milk production.

Sense of Hearing

During Pregnancy:

  • You may experience ringing in your ears also known as tinnitus which is common during pregnancy.
  • Pulsatile tinnitus is a common pregnancy condition in which the sound in your ears falls in sync with your heartbeat.
  • These changes are temporary and might be due to hormonal changes and stress and some common drugs used during pregnancy for e.g: those used to treat high blood pressure.

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